Yo yo yiggidy yo!  Just want to let everyone know that I REALLY like comments.  Yea.  This again.  I’m working on one of the fics right now (chapter 2 of “Glamour Problems”) but honestly, feedback REALLY encourages me to write.  Comments make me all happy and squishy and then I want to write more.  So please, please, PLEASE leave me comments.  And if you’re popping by from or something, drop a note to say hi and let me know that you followed me over here!  I’d like to know that you found the site okay!^^

❤ Chris, the Nuwanda

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  1. KattyRosie

     /  June 28, 2012

    It’s KattyRosie from FanFiction….so glad I can still get my Tony/Clint fix! 😀

  2. followed you over from =) love your stories!!! keep up the great work

  3. Tabby

     /  September 29, 2012

    Well, I always comment, but that’s because I always have something to say. I followed you from FanFiction because you told me to ;P

    • Glad to see you here, and thanks for all the comments!^^

      • Tabby

         /  March 28, 2013

        Well, you are very welcome. Thanks for being such a great author. I just realized this is the second time I haven’t replied to one of your replies…bad Tabby. Anyways, my mission is to leave a comment on everything you have posted here. Wish me luck though it shouldn’t be too hard considering I’ve pretty much posted on everything already.

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