New Beginnings: Chapter 8

“He’s not allowed to look.” Tony looked at Clint, surprised, but there was heat in his eyes.  “No one is allowed to look.  Just me.”

Chapter 7 is here!


Clint hadn’t even knocked on the door before it opened and Tony stood before him.  Clint stared, and burst out laughing.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Hey,” Tony took the rose from between his teeth, “you know how much it costs to get roses on rush delivery at this time of night?”

Clint couldn’t stop laughing.  “You fucker.”

“That’s me.”  Tony had texted Clint that he would show up at the door, naked with a flower between his teeth, but to actually be greeted that way?  Clint broke into a fresh burst of laughter.

“I can’t believe you actually did it.”

“Really?  You said on the phone that you wouldn’t be surprised if I followed through.”

“I know.  I mean, it’s totally something you would do, but…..actually coming face to face with it…..oh my God, my stomach hurts.”

“Maybe you should stop laughing, then.” Tony lightly tapped Clint on the head with the rose.  “Dumbass.”

Clint took a deep breath, trying to regain control, and finally got a real good look at Tony.  “…….you look good.”

Tony grinned.  “Yea?”

“Yup.  Naked is a good look for you.”

“Oh, yea?  I never would’ve guessed you thought so.”

“I know, I hide it well.”

There was a loud screeching sound as a passing car slammed on it’s brakes.  The driver had caught sight of Tony’s nudity, and he stopped and stared out the window, craning his neck to get a look.

Clint’s bow was in the car, so he went for the gun on his hip, aiming it.  If the noise of the tires had been loud before, it was nearly deafening now as the man sped away in a panic.

Tony smacked Clint’s arm.  “Hey!  What the fuck are you doing?”

Clint slid the gun back into it’s holster, turning back to Tony, kissing him hard.  “He’s not allowed to look.” Tony looked at Clint, surprised, but there was heat in his eyes.  “No one is allowed to look.  Just me.”

Damn, it’s sexy when you talk like that.”

“Get your naked ass inside.”

“Make me.”

“You think I can’t?”

“No, I’m fairly positive you can.”

“It’ll be a hell of a lot easier than shutting you up.”

“Oh, I don’t know…..if your methods are the same as those you stated on the phone, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble.”

Clint gave Tony a little shove indoors, shutting the door behind them.  “Inside.”

“Okay, okay, I’m inside.”

“Further.  I seem to remember making some promise about throwing you on a bed….?”

“…..fuck.”  Tony’s hands fisted in the front of Clint’s shirt, tugging him into a kiss, nipping at his mouth.  “Bedroom.”


They stumbled backwards, unwilling to pull apart for the short walk from the entryway to the bedroom, Tony’s hands working at the catches on Clint’s shirt, pushing it feverishly off his shoulders.  They nearly fell several times, Tony laughing each time, Clint swearing.

“Fuck.  Why does your house have to be so Goddamn big?”

“Fuck you, I like my house.”

Clint opened his mouth to retort, but his attention was caught by something else.  “…….what the fuck….”

Tony’s bedroom was filled, wall to wall, with roses of every color and variety.  There were roses on the floor, the nightstand, even the damn bed.  Clint turned to Tony, wordlessly.

“…..what the fuck is this?”

“……I told you, it’s hard to get roses on rush delivery this time of night.  They weren’t too pleased with the idea of driving out here, and they definitely weren’t going to do it for just one rose.  So I bought out the store.”

Clint just stared at him.  “……’re fucking crazy, you know that.”

“What, you don’t like roses?”

Clint couldn’t think of a response.  He simply pulled Tony close and, ignoring the yelp of surprise, scooped him up and tossed him onto the bed.

Tony landed with a bounce, laughing.  “Is that a yes or a no?”

Clint climbed beside him, straddling him.  “Yeah, I like roses.”  He kissed Tony.  “I like you more.”

Tony smiled, plucking a pale peach rose from the bed beside him and tucking it behind Clint’s ear.  Clint swatted at his hand.  “Ass.”

“What….you look pretty.”


“Thought you were gonna make me.”

“Getting to it.”

“Being awfully slow….”

“God, how does anyone put up with you?”

“They don’t.”

“I can see why.”  There were roses all around Tony, framing him, and damn, he looked beautiful.  Clint leaned in and kissed him, slow and deep, tongue tracing his lower lip, encouraging Tony to open him, which the man did with a little moan.

He didn’t think that he had ever known anyone so responsive.  Tony had no inhibitions whatsoever.  He rolled up against Clint, gripping his shoulders, kneading his back.  Fuck that felt good.  He pulled away slowly, nipping Tony’s lower lip.

“Mmm,” Tony hummed as they parted.  “Going for a short-term solution?”

“God….you really are determined to be annoying tonight, aren’t you?”

“Definitely.  You said you were gonna shut me up.  I’m gonna make you.”

“I also said maybe I’d make you make a lot of noise……that’s still on the table, too.”

He could see a rush of heat go through Tony, not just in his eyes but in the little flush of red that rose in his cheeks.  “…..oh yea.”

“The only question is…..which do I start with.”

“Are you really asking for my opinion?”

“No, that was more me thinking aloud.”

“Ooh, you’re thinking?  Try not to hurt yourself.”

“I really hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do when you’re being a pain in the ass.”

“But that would mean you hate me all the time.”


“Haha.  See?  I’m brilliant.  And right; did I mention that I’m always right?  Cuz I am.  Always right.”

“You know, I think I’m going to start with shutting you up.”  Clint reached down, undoing his slacks.  Amazingly, Tony fell silent. “…..what happened?”


“You shut up.  Is that really all it takes?  I just have to mention shutting you up and you shut up?  Cuz you know, that’s never worked before.”  He shimmied out of his pants, kicking them aside.

“…well, you’ve never meant this particular method before.”

“Hnn.  Well, if I’d known this was all it took…”

“Yeah.  I think it’s a very good solution.”

“You would.”

“Why, Agent Barton, what are you insinuating?”  Tony’s hands were trailing up and down Clint’s back, teasingly light, and Clint shivered.

“That you’re a little slut.”

“Hey!”  Tony laughed.  “Like you’re one to talk!”

“I think you have a far worse reputation.”

“Shut the fuck up.”


“Make me.”

“Working on it.”

“You’re still being awfully slow about it.”

“I’ll go as fast or as slow as I damn well want.”  Clint leaned down, tongue teasing over a nipple, eliciting a cry of surprise.

“Hah!  Fuck!”  Tony grabbed fistfuls of blonde hair.  “What the fuck.”

“….problem?”  Clint repeated the action, slow and teasing, simultaneously rolling down against Tony, feeling the man hard beneath him.

“Fuck…..Goddamn right there is.  You’re fucking teasing.”

“Yup.  I am.  Though I suppose we could count this as me making you make all those wonderful sounds.  You certainly are making some interesting ones.”

“I hate you so much.”  Tony yanked on Clint’s hair.  “You’re supposed to be shutting me up.  Not ohhhh fuck!” he moaned as Clint gave his cock a teasing stroke, thrusting up into that touch.  “Goddammit, Clint!”

Clint just laughed.  “I have to admit, it makes me almost sorry to shut you up when you make such pretty sounds……but, I did say I was going to.”

“It’s about time, you fucking….” but Tony didn’t get any further.  Clint shoved him up against the pillows, climbing up higher so he was kneeling above him.  He slipped a hand beneath Tony’s head, cupping it, encouraging him to sit up, guiding him forward.  Tony obediently opened his mouth, his hot breath ghosting over the head of Clint’s cock before he leaned forward, taking him in.

Clint almost gasped at the feeling of that wet heat, hands gripping Tony’s hair.  “Fuck,” he hissed.  Tony chuckled at the word, the noise rumbling in his throat, vibrating around Clint’s shaft and feeling better than it had any right to.  He couldn’t help it, his hips canted forward instinctively; he grabbed the headboard of the bed to steady himself. “Fuck.  Sorry.”

Tony waved a hand as if to tell him not to worry, and a hand slid down to cup Clint’s backside, gently squeezing, pulling him forward.  It seemed as though he were encouraging Clint to thrust again.  But Clint didn’t move, unsure.

Tony pulled back, releasing Clint.  “What the fuck is your problem,” he demanded.  “Don’t stop.  I’m not gonna break.”  His nails dug into Clint’s flesh.  “Do it.  Fuck my mouth.”

A shiver ran through Clint, heat tugging low in his gut, and he gripped Tony’s chin, pulling Tony to him.  Tony didn’t resist, letting Clint do as he liked, opening to him.

Tony’s hot, wet tongue swirled teasingly around Clint’s cock, and he didn’t know that he could have held back if he wanted to.  He gripped Tony’s hair, thrusting into his mouth.  Tony moaned, as if he was enjoying this as much as Clint was, and Goddamn, if that wasn’t sexy as fuck.

Clint opened his eyes.  He hadn’t even realized he’d closed them.  He looked down, saw Tony’s mouth, that gorgeous mouth, moving around his cock.  Fuck.  It was amazing.  He stroked Tony’s cheek, and those beautiful eyes looked up at him.

“….touch yourself.”

Tony looked surprised at the words, but an unmistakable heat rolled through his eyes, and Clint could see him slip a hand between his legs, moving rhythmically.

That was all Clint could handle.  His hips snapped forward as he came, thrusting erratically, clenching Tony’s hair hard enough that he was almost sure he would tear it out.  And then Tony’s mouth found his, and he could taste himself on the man’s lips.  It was strange, but not in a bad way.  He pressed into the kiss, hungrily nipping at Tony’s lip, and then Tony was gasping, bucking up against him as he found his own release.

Clint allowed himself to collapse to the bed, half beside half atop the other man.  He caught Tony’s hand, bringing it to his mouth and licking at the wetness of his release.  Tony made a surprised but happy noise at the action.


Clint laughed, a low chuckle.  “Yeah.”

“Was not expecting that.  Any of that.”

“Oh?  What were you expecting.”

“…..I don’t know.  Not that.”

“….s’that a good thing or a bad thing/”

“Oh, good.  Definitely good.”


“Yeah.”  Tony was silent for a moment as Clint kissed each one of his fingertips.  “……..I think you should shut me up more often.”

Clint laughed.  “Oh yeah?  Why’s that?  It seems to be a very fleeting solution.”

“Ha ha, funny man.”

“What?  It’s true.  You opened your mouth almost right away.”

“You love listening to me talk.”

“Sad, but true.”

“Heh.”  Tony rolled onto his side to face Clint.  The blonde immediately bit his lip, but it couldn’t hold back the laughter.  Tony frowned.  “What….what is it?”

“You.  You have flowers in your hair.”

“Huh?”  Tony reached up and pulled a rose petal out of his hair.  “……oh.”  He grinned.  “How stupid do I look?”

“Actually……”  Clint gave him an appraising look.  “… sorta suits you.”

“Oh, yea?”

“Yeah.  You look pretty.”

“Hnn.  Guess the roses were a good idea, then.”

Clint laughed, looking around the room.  “Well, you’ve got enough of them.”

Tony looked at the roses scattering the bed, the floor, every inch of the room.  “… think?”

“I do.”

“Oh well.  At least you like them.”

“I do.”  Clint stroked back Tony’s hair, plucking another petal from the brown locks.  “I like you more.”

Tony smiled at the words, echoed from earlier, and stroked a rosebud down Clint’s cheek.  “Sappy.”

Clint chuckled, rolling Tony onto his back, pinning him, leaning in for a kiss.  “It‘s been known to happen from time to time.”

“Not often.”

“Not often,” Clint agreed.  “…..and if you tell anyone about any of it, I WILL kill you.”

Tony laughed.  “Okay, okay.  Now shuttup and lay down.”  He paused, looking at Clint.  “… are staying the night, right?”

Clint smacked the side of his head.  “Of course I am!  Idiot.”

“I’m not an idiot; I’m a genius.  We covered this already.”

“Well then don’t ask stupid questions.  I wouldn‘t just up and leave you.  I‘m not that much of an asshole.”

“Okay, okay, sheesh.”

Clint smiled, a hint of heat flashing in his eyes.  “Besides… never know.  I may have to shut you up again.”


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  1. Tabby

     /  September 29, 2012

    Well *fans self* In my opinion, this has to be one of the hottest scenes between Tony and Clint. The conversation and acts of sexyness are amazing! I want more like this with Tony just behaving, for the most part, and kinky things. Oooo, maybe they should have a dress up kink session ;P

    • Yea, I actually made myself blush when I wrote this lol. When I reread it, it didn’t seem so scandalous, but while writing it, I actually embarrassed myself lol.

  2. Caro

     /  September 30, 2012

    Hello, sorry, just rereading your stories and remembering something I really wanted to tell you first time I’ve read this: Could you please, PLEASE write a story about Clint doing this macaroni art thing? Just a short one, something like “Bungle in the Jungle”, that would be okay, but I would die to read that!

  3. LOL yea, that needs to happen eventually.

    • Caro

       /  October 1, 2012

      Ooooh, can I send more requests? O:) I’m sure I can come up with something you’d like to write, because believe me, I’ve got many ideas 😉
      But on the other hand… you already got like literally 40 stories on your laptop, don’t you?

      • Ooooh yea. It’s more like 50 something now. :/

        But the Macaroni art was always going to happen. We’ll just see when.

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